Cover Letter

I know that my paper works are bad. But I know that every paragraph I make, there is an improvement. I feel happy whenever I finish a paragraph or essay because writing is not my hobby and English is by my best enemy.
I find making an outline hard because I have to think of so many supporting details. I’m planning to read books for me to gain knowledge about something and to help me in my future paper works.
I am proud of my second paragraph which is about cooking. I’m proud of it because I made it wholeheartedly. I think I was inspired when I wrote it because I am passionate in cooking. It was like defining what I really want in my life.
I learned and identified what my weaknesses are. I learned that I have to improve those for me to become a better person and to have good grades. I also learned that I have to write differently (in an unusual manner) to catch the readers’ attention. I also learned the value of outlining because it helps us organize our work. It summarizes our whole piece.
I am not sure about my revisions because I am not good in English. I have to improve my knowledge for me to revise my works properly.

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Entrance Essay

Actually, I’m not good in English. So now, I am trying to improve it with the help of ENGLCOM.

When I was a freshman high school student, I tried to audition for the newsletter club in my previous school. So, they did not accept me. I realized that writing is not my passion and I have to improve my writing skills. Then I auditioned again for the second time when I was in fourth year. Then, I was accepted for the first screening. I felt happy because that was unexpected for me. Then the second screening went on. I did not do it. Of course I felt sad but it makes me feel relieved because I got accepted on the first screening. Then I realized that my writing skill improved. So now, I want to be a better writer and learn more about reading and writing. I think I need to improve my grammar, usage of words and everything else.

I expect that ENGLCOM will help me to write well, read and understand the article, and communicate with other people well because I know that I’m not good in communicating with others. I want to be more confident when communicating with others. And communicating with others will help me to have confidence in everything I do.

I think that this course will help me achieve my goals and dreams because reading and writing is an essential for everybody. Reading and writing with confidence will help me achieve my goals in life. If I’ll be successful someday, I will share my knowledge to others because writing and reading is my enemy before. But I realized that I have to improve these because it will help me in my daily life.

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Paragraph 1 – DLSU

There are two things in DLSU that I consider new. One, the campus is very different from my previous school. Buildings and facilities are high class. Before, my building has only two floors. But now, my building, the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Bldg., is a twenty two-storey building which is the tallest academic building built here in the Philippines. It contains elevators with cameras, computers with high-speed internet connection, projectors, crucifix and centralized air-conditioner. When It comes to teachers, they are world class. They graduated from top universities here and abroad. They also attend seminars and represent our school abroad. Here in DLSU, I encounter different types of students. Some are friendly, snob and some are international students. They came from a different country, different culture. And the second thing I consider new is my experiences. Being part of the centennial celebration was a great experience for me because every day is not DLSU’s 100th. Another experience of mine is I wear corporate attire every first Monday of the month. It is an exciting experience for me because when I was in high school, I wear uniforms. So, my experiences here in DLSU are different from my previous school yet I’m having fun.

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Paragraph 2 – Cooking

Cooking is both an art and science. It is considered as an art because it needs to be done in an artistic manner in your preparation and presentation. You have to mix, add and invent recipes that will become a new “art” or food that has a new and unique taste and presentation because when you serve the food you cooked, you will put decorations in it. You have to impress the customers that your dish looks delicious and when they taste it, they will fall in love with it. Cooking is serving others with love because when you cook, you put love in it and it makes the dish more delicious. Cooking is also considered as a form of science because it is a step by step method process, a method to follow. You cannot make or finish a dish successfully when you skip a step. Skipping a step will ruin the taste of the dish. One of the steps in cooking is preparing the ingredients. When you prepare the ingredients, you should prepare it with love and wholeheartedly because it will make the dish more delicious. Cooking needs to have an exact measurement to make the dish perfect. So, cooking can be both a form of art and science because it has many characteristics. If you are passionate in cooking, then you are performing something that you love.

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Extended Definition Essay – Education

Education can be defined in four way : process of teaching or educating (Manoharan, 2008); a field of study (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2005); changes or transforms someon (Chambers, 1983) and prepares you for mature life (online dictionary).

The most common definition of education is that it is a process of educating. According to Manoharan (2008), Webster defines education as the process of educating or teaching. The purpose of education is to develop the knowledge, skill and character of students. In Ancient Greece, Socrates argued that education was about drawing out was already within the student. The word education comes from the Latin e-ducere meaning “to lead out”. We can also say that education can be gained everywhere. For example, crossing the street. Of course, before you walk, you have to look left and right. If you do not look, you might get an accident. If you get an accident, you will learn that looking left and right is needed when you cross the street.

Another common definition of education is that :it is a field of study dealing with methods of teaching and learning”, (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2005). When we educate someone, we should do it step by step because if you skip a step, the student will get confused in a certain topic. For example, in Math, if you fail to teach a step in solving a problem, your students will be confused about the answer. They will ask you about the answer and it will consume your time. If you teach them properly, you will finish the topic on time.

“Education is something that transforms a person’s outlook”. Chambers (1983). If we learn something, it might change our philosophy in life. For example, if a person is destroying his life because of stupidity, his family and friends can encourage him to stop doing stupid acts. His family and friends can be the light to him. And if he realizes that his family and friends are correct, he will learn that we have to value our lives. He will learn that our lives should not be taken for granted because we only have one life.

A deeper definition of education is that “it is the act or process of implementing or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life”, (online dictionary). Preparation for a mature life Is needed for us to have a strength in facing the real world. For example, when you had a fail relationship before, you will learn from your mistakes and experiences. These will help you to face the real world and will help you for mature life.

To sum it up, education has many definitions and uses in our lives. Being educated will lead our lives in a better place. It will help us to become stronger and can help us to become successful.

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Argumentative Essay – Liposuction

Although liposuction reduces weight, it is not the best method to solve weight problems.

Eating is almost everyone’s favorite hobby. It is enjoyed during holidays like Christmas and New Year. When holidays are over, they will eventually become fat. They will complain that they are fat and they want to reduce weight. They can choose whether to diet or to go into liposuction. If they choose to diet, it will take time before they reduce weight so they have another option which is liposuction.

Liposuction is an expensive yet easy way to reduce weight, according to the American Medical Association (2004). “liposuction, also called lipoplasty or suction lipectomy, reshapes the body by vacuuming out excess fat deposits”. The cost of liposuction surgery can range between $1000 to $5000 depending on the length and complexity of the procedure. The average surgeon’s fee for liposuction was reported in 2004 to be $2224. Liposuction is not covered by most insurance plans because it Is not considered elective (as cited in Cassell and Gleaves, n.d., p.188).

There are three kinds of liposuction. Some of them are tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, and smart liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is the most commonly used procedure for reducing fat using minimally invasive surgery. This procedure uses a special anesthetic compound containing lidocaine and epinephrine, which acts primarily as a pain reliever. The medication also works as a vasoconstrictor, shrinking the blood vessels and reduce bleeding (Arie, n.d.).

Ultrasonic liposuction uses high frequency sound to create vibrations in targeted areas of fat. When this fat vibrates at a high enough rate, it turns into liquid and dissipates. This liquidized fat is then removed using specialized liposuction tools. Ultrasonic liposuction can be used to reach areas including the chin and ankles that are not well suited for other liposuction types because of their shape (Arie, n.d.). So, ultrasonic liposuction has an advantage in other liposuction types because it can reach areas that cannot be reached by other liposuction types.

“Smart lipo” is the trademarked name for a specialized liposuction procedure developed by the medical company Cynosure. This type of liposuction uses laser light delivered through a fiber optic cable to target pockets of fats. A cannula is used to thread the small probe under the skin, When laser light is applied, the fat cells are destroyed. Like ultrasonic liposuction, smart lipo has an advantage too. It is relatively painless and can be completed with minimal bruising and blood loss (Arie, n.d.).

When doing something, it has negative and positive effects. In liposuction, one of the positive effects is improved visual appeal. Liposuction procedure provides you with a stronger and even more contoured look which can develop your sense of well being. The surgical procedure is certainly important for individuals that have undergone weight loss procedures. It can help to remove those last remaining pouches of unwanted fat which may significantly boost your appearance. (Shevell, 2010).

Another positive effect of liposuction is superior health. Final results from the treatment are usually long-lasting. Possibly if there is a growth within your body fats, it will not get back to those fields you had handled. Liposuction procedure gives you transitions on what you wear and your feelings about yourself (Shevell, 2010).

Efficient fat removal is another positive effect of liposuction. The body keeps any unused strength in the nutrients we eat in fat cells. Such excessive fat may be used for shock absorption, insulation, as well as emergency source of energy (Shevel, 2010).

There are a number of minor adverse side effects that can occur in connection with liposuction surgeries. There is a fair chance of scarring, although scarring tends not to be rather severe (Quintarin, 2011).

Swelling is also extremely common shortly after liposuction. All liposuction individuals encounter some level of swelling, but a couple experience more than others. Swelling is often encountered in the treated region, and it additionally sometimes happens in the ankles (Quintarin, 2011).

This paper stated the definition of liposuction, its kinds and its positive and negative effects. Liposuction is not the answer to obesity. One should control and observe proper diet to maintain a physically fit body.

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Exit Essay

It was May thirty when we had our first ENGLCOM class. I was nervous that day because I know in my heart that I am not good in English. After a long journey in this subject, I have learned three things: steps in making a paragraph or essay, defining a term in a different way and its application to other subjects.

Before, I did not know that we have to make an outline before making a paragraph or essay. I just write and write whatever is on my mind in my paper. So, the first step is pre-writing. For me, this is the most enjoyable part because here, you write whatever you want to determine or formulate your topic. The second step is outlining. This is the part where you form the structure of your paragraph or essay. The next step is drafting. In this part, you write and expand your outline. And the three last steps are self-editing, peer-editing, and professor-editing of your draft. After the professor has edited your draft, you will rewrite it to make your output.

In this course, I also learned that I have to define a term in my own, unique way. I have to define it in another way to capture the readers’ attention. I also learned about APA format. I find it confusing before but I am adapting to it now.

The most important thing that I have learned in ENGLCOM is that I can apply it to other subjects. The things that I have learned about writing helps me to make paperwork that is made by a Lasallian. For example, we had an assignment in TREDONE. We should make a research about a certain topic. I applied the knowledge that I have to make the research paper.

To sum it up, ENGLCOM, with the assistance and guidance of Sir Edu, helped me to learn more about English. It widened my knowledge in constructing paragraphs and essays. Making a good paperwork will help me to gain high grades. And because De La Salle University is a research-based institution, it helps and challenges me to make good paper works. I am thankful that I had an ENGLCOM class.

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